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Guest Post – Plan a perfect wedding with Eco-friendly products: Go Green

2011 October 31
by Katy

About the author:

Kate is a blogger by profession. She loves travelling, cooking and singing. These days she is busy in planning a wedding of her close friend and blogging about her wedding tips. She recently shared an article on hot honeymoon destinations in the world.

And here’s her post:

All the members of the family are sitting in the hall room thinking to make the wedding occasion a commemorate event. It is the best time to think of an eco-friendly wedding. Make your wedding memorable and stylish by using eco-friendly items and showing your love to the environment. There are several things you can do towards making the function greener. For example, you can minimize the amount of driving; give away the remaining foods to the needy etc. Apart from that you can use various green items from your wedding invitations to the wedding rings. By using such items you are not only saving the planet but also keeping the environment clean and pollution free. read more…

We miss you!!

2011 August 3
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by Chris & Katy

We feel terrible that we have abandoned our faithful following over the past month, and we miss our blog.  We have been forced into a blog hiatus and thought we owed you all an explanation.

You remember that whole bit where we sort of said, “Yay!  Let’s plan a wedding in 8 months, start a blog, get thousands of people to read it, move, have 3 showers, bachelor and bacheorette parties on top of all the other wedding things we don’t even know exist yet and have fun doing it!”  Well… we sort of did it all.  (We are proud.)  And, we also think we’re going to come out of it pretty much unscathed.  The only sad part is that we could only get it all done by skipping out on the blog for the last little stint here.

We are sorry.  We miss you.  Don’t fret – we have been making a bad ass list of blog posts that will commence as soon as we get back from sunny Costa Rica!

Countdown to wedding: 9 days.  Holy Crap.

Adding a False Bottom To the Brew Kettle

2011 July 10
by Chris

We have brewed our FINAL batch of Wedding Ale!  We should end up with about 300 bottles in total.  That means enough for all of our out-of-town hotel guests, for our wedding party after the rehearsal dinner, and hopefully enough to have as wedding favors for those who want one when they leave the wedding! read more…

Hooray bridal showers!

2011 June 24
by Katy

I had two bridal showers over the last two weeks.  They were both wonderful and a ton of fun, and I thought some of you might like to hear about them.  Stay tuned for a post later this week on the fun bridal shower games we played –  I’m going to let the pictures do the talking for now.  Enjoy!

Phew!  I was going to finish up the last few thank you notes tonight, but instead I fought with these photos for an hour and a half and desparately need to go to bed!  There’s always tomorrow :)

Sweet dreams!

Our How-To Guide for DIY Save the Dates

2011 June 22
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by Chris

The Wedding Bureau asked us to do a guest post for them this week and share step-by-step instructions on how we made our homemade DIY save the date cards for our wedding.

Many of you have probably already seen our post on how we designed them, and then put them together with the help of a few great friends, but if you’ve got time, head over to the Wedding Bureau and check out their write-up for the step-by-step guide.

More Water = More Wedding Ale

2011 June 21
by Chris

As the Wedding Beer brewing continues (we’ve now got over 200 bottles in the fridge or carbonating in the closet…not counting the ones we have shared and/or consumed) I am continuing the series of upgrades to my all-grain brewing system.

hot liquor tun for home brewingOur most recent addition was the building of a new hot liquor tun.  I have no idea why it is called a hot liquor tun…no liquor goes in it, just water.  It should probably be called a hot water tank, or even just a water pot, but I don’t get to decide these things.

OK, enough rambling.  Recently, I posted about the counter-flow wort chiller and in-line thermometer I built.  This was the next upgrade on my list. read more…

Take A Break

2011 June 19
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by Chris

As I sit here on the screened in porch enjoying the perfect summer weather, warm with a gentle breeze, after a sailboat ride across the lake and back, I realized something I wanted to share with anyone else that may be planning a wedding.

No matter how much needs to get done, no matter how long the to-do list, no matter how far behind you think you are, take a break.  You’ll be glad you did.

read more…

Making Beer Cold…Quick!

2011 June 16
by Chris

This post has been moved to the NC Homebrewing blog.  You can read it in it’s entirity here.

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Making Our Wedding Invitations – Another Team Effort!

2011 June 15

Chris and I decided a couple months ago that we wanted to make all our own save the dates, invitations and thank you cards.  We started off strong with home made save the dates that turned out to be very popular – very cool. This week, we moved on to phase 2 with wedding invitations!  We found some really cute ones and learned a lot about doing invites for major events yourself!

Making DIY wedding invitations

My wonderful family was highly instrumental in the creation of LOTS of invitations over the past week, and they deserve a BIG thank you! Pictured here: me (far left), sister and maid of honor, Becca (far right), friend and bridesmaid, Vicki (center).

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Building An In-Line Thermometer

2011 May 26
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by Chris

This post has been moved to the NC Homebrewing blog.  To view the post about building an in-line thermomter for use with a counterflow chiller, please visit: