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Balcony Garden Update!

2011 May 13
by Katy

About a month ago, we wrote about planning our container balcony garden and what vegetables and herbs we were going to plant, hoping to save a few dollars on groceries over the summer.  We are SO proud of how well they’re doing that we just couldn’t wait any longer to share some photos of them!

This first series of photos shows our delicious food pots.  We planted some spinach seeds that are all sprouting, and we’ve got a couple of bell pepper plants and a jalapeño plant that have taken off.  In fact, we are just starting to see the first baby peppers forming, but took these just two days before they showed up… more pictures soon.


Baby spinach starting to grow!


Bell peppers and jalapeños

In our standing planter, we planted basil seeds that are sprouting and growing some delicious-looking basil leaves already.  Next to those, we planted a cilantro plant that is getting HUGE!  There is also a rosemary bush coming in as well as a mint plant that was transplanted from my mom’s garden.  The only thing in the top of our planter that is not coming up is the oregano.  We’ve tried planting the seeds twice, but it looks like a nearby squirrel may really like those seeds… I still feel bad because I hit a squirrel on the way to work today, so I’m cutting the one eating our seeds a little slack – yikes!

herb garden

basil, cilantro, rosemary and mint!

herb garden

the other side

Hanging underneath the planter are some tomatoes that we are growing upside-down.  At first it seemed like they didn’t so much enjoy hanging that way, but now that they have grown (a LOT), and ever since they got big enough to come out of the shade of the planter box, they are thriving.  There is also one happy little jalapeño plant under there.

The tomato plants are beginning to flower, so we are expecting our first tomatoes very soon!

tomato flower

First flower on our tomato plant

herbs and tomatoes

upside-down tomatoes

We tossed some flower seeds into two window boxes hanging over the balcony.  The flowers are starting to come up and we are even seeing our first blooms.  We’ve also got a strawberry planter hanging off the balcony that houses several strawberry plants.  The ones that face outward are doing great, but the ones that face the balcony are not growing as quickly.  We realized that we should be rotating the planter every few days so they all get equal sun.

window basket flower

window basket flowers

While we still haven’t seen many veggies yet, we have gotten some great use out of our mint, cilantro, and rosemary.  I am fully convinced that by the end of the summer, we will have gotten a great return on our investment.  The money we will save if all of these plants provide food will be terrific.  Not to mention all of the fun we’re having growing everything at home!




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