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Wedding Bliss Lane

2011 April 17
by Chris & Katy

Last week, we discovered a hidden gem in the wedding planning world.  We stumbled across a site that is a one-stop-shop for buying (and selling) everything related to weddings.  Now, instead of going to one site to look at invitations and another site to find a DJ, and still somewhere else to find the perfect venue, Wedding Bliss Lane has aggregated all of this together into one, easy to use and extremely helpful online marketplace.Wedding Bliss Lane Homepage

The way it works is pretty simple, and it is based on a concept that has helped sites like craigslist, ebay and etsy take off over the past few years.  The site is a “community” of buyers and vendors.  But what makes Wedding Bliss Lane different is it’s unique and very specific niche.  Unlike ebay where you can buy and sell everything from cars to the toilet monster, WBL is exclusively for wedding items and services.  All on one site, you can find decorations for the bachelor party and the rehearsal dinner, and you can read about services such as photographers, bands and wedding planning services.

Not only is it nice to have it all on one site, but it helps you make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.  Being able to see all of the categories and browse through all of the services offered helps you make sure there is nothing that was left out.

The site launched in October, 2010, and is growing rapidly.  That being said, there are still not a ton of vendors or a huge selection yet, which makes it a bit hard to use as the one-stop-shop that it has the potential to be.  It can be a little frustrating to click into a category and see zero results.  However, we hope to watch as it grows and the more people that get involved, the better the experience it will be for shoppers and vendors alike.

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