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Posts from the ‘Home Brewing’ Category

  • 73.3.11“I Now Pronounce You Man and Hefe-WIFE-zen”

    A few days ago, I posed a question on Facebook asking for any new suggestions for what we should call our wedding beer. Until now, I had just referred to it as “Wedding Ale.” Here are a few of my favorite answers. Any other suggestions?

  • 22.28.11Brewing Wedding Ale

    Well, we have brewed the first 5 gallons of what will soon be our “Wedding Ale.” (Side note, if anyone has a better name, let me know.  Trent and Jean had their “Nupti-ale” at their wedding!) Anyway, we got to brewing about noon and the weather was beautiful. We also had some great company.  Unfortunately, […]

  • 32.25.11And The Winner Is…..

    Wheet Beer will be the official “Wedding Ale,” having won our poll by a mere SEVEN votes! I began looking up recipes and decided on an great American Wheat Ale recipe that will be very light and mild, but provide some good spiced fruit tones that every good wheat beer should have.  The hops will […]

  • 52.19.11Battle of the Brew – The Final Countdown

    It’s been about a week now since I originally posted our poll on what style of beer we should brew for our wedding weekend.  In an attempt to determine which style is worthy of the  “Wedding Ale” crown, I learned that our readers have a wide variety of beer preferences.  The following beer styles all […]

  • 52.13.11Choosing a Style for “Wedding Ale” – Poll

    **UPDATE: Due to the wide variety of answers, and how tight the race was, we have decided to have a RUNOFF poll between the two leaders, Wheat and Belgian.  Vote now in the runoff poll!** Now that I’ve got all of the equipment I need (a mash tun, wort chiller, and kettle) to brew up […]

  • 12.11.11Creating "Wedding Ale" Step 3: A Bigger Kettle

    Thank you!  This wonderful little site allowed me to find another local homebrewer that was “downsizing” and getting rid of some great equipment.  One of the things he was tossing was a used, empty 15-gallon keg.  But why would I want an empty keg!?  Simple – kegs make great brew pots.  In fact, there […]

  • 21.31.11Creating “Wedding Ale” Step 2: Building a Mash Tun

    Picking up steam from building the wort chiller last week, I’m onto the next project in preparation for crafting our “Wedding Ale.”  The most essential piece of equipment when moving to all-grain brewing is the mash tun.  This is the vessel that holds all of the grain (barley, wheat, etc.) while it steeps in hot […]

  • 11.27.11Creating "Wedding Ale" Step 1: Building A Wort Chiller

    I spoke with my mom on the phone today, so I wanted to give her a quick shout-out for all the help she has provided with the wedding planning.  She’s currently hard at work checking out potential rehearsal venue locations and caterers for us. In conversation about one of the possible venue-caterer combinations, she mentioned […]

  • 21.25.11Homebrewing on a Budget

    Yes, this is essentially a wedding blog, but I wanted to throw in a little of my own flair, in fact, we’re thinking of having some homebrew beer for all of our wedding guests!  Soooo, why not let you know what it takes to brew a batch of beer (on a budget!).