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Posts from the ‘Our Wedding’ Category

  • 14.14.11Using Google to Organize Your Wedding Planning

    We’re now 4 months into our wedding planning and have less than 4 months to go, so we’re over half-way there! Uh-oh! Luckily for us, we are both project managers and are usually pretty good at staying organized and on top of things (not to mention the life-saving help we’ve gotten from our mothers, haha!).

    One tool that we have used very heavily in planning and staying organized for our wedding is Google. No, not the search engine, though that is helpful as well. We have utilized the Google Docs as well as Google Calendar to stay on track and make sure we don’t miss anything as we plan for the big day.

  • 324.10.11Tips From a Photographer for the Perfect Wedding Day Photos

    This week, we asked Bethany Cox, of Bethany and Dan Photography to write a guest post with their top tips for brides (and grooms) on how to make sure they get the best wedding photographs possible. Bethany and Dan will be photographing our wedding and already took some gorgeous engagement photos (see the full album here) for the two of us back in January.

  • 23.21.11Meeting with the florist, Greg Warren!

    It seems like everywhere we go these days, people recommend Greg Warren Flowers.  They’ve said that his work is beautiful, he’s really good at making everything come together and he’s a great, honest guy.  Perfect for us! My mom and I went to meet with him Saturday morning to talk out some of the details […]

  • 43.9.11We’re Going to Costa Rica!

    Last week, we posted about using travel deals such as TravelZoo Top 20, Luxury Link, and Living Social Escapes to help in planning a great honeymoon without paying the full cost.

    Well, we listened to our own advice and picked up the Living Social Escape voucher for a 7-day/6-night trip to Costa Rica through LatinExplore.

  • 42.24.11Honeymoon Planning

    Katy and I have been asked on multiple occasions recently if we have given any thought to our honeymoon yet.  Unfortunately, our reply is usually a shoulder shrug, some indiscernible mumbling and a shake of our heads. I decided that maybe it was time we started thinking about where we wanted to go and what […]

  • 02.20.11Group Effort – Save the Dates

    This weekend, we pulled a trick on our friends – sorry!  It was beautiful weather so we invited everyone to come up to the Millberg’s lake house to hang out.  Little did they know that we were also going to put them to work. While we did spend most of the time out on the […]

  • 32.10.11Designing Our Save The Dates – My Inner Cartoonist

    As Katy recently posted, we have decided to make our own save the date cards.  While this is a great way to save some money, it is also time-consuming and more labor-intensive.  However, now that we’re nearing 6 months from the wedding, it is time to get to work. The first step was to head […]

  • 152.8.11Homemade and Crafted with Love

    Chris and I have all kinds of talented friends and family, so why not show them off?  We’re happy to announce the first shining moment as we highlight the craftiness of Chris’ mom through our homemade save the dates and invitations! Both of our moms are big fans of homemade cards.  In fact, I can’t […]

  • 52.3.11The Great Cake Debate – Pt. 1

    The dilemma: Cake v. Pie. For most people this is a no brainer.  You’re getting married, so you’ll eat cake! Thing is… I don’t really like it. I feel like I should have one for the traditional cake cutting pictures, but I’ve been thinking that I might rather feature something I like better as the […]