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Posts from the ‘Planning’ Category

  • 06.22.11Our How-To Guide for DIY Save the Dates

    The Wedding Bureau asked us to do a guest post for them this week and share step-by-step instructions on we made our homemade DIY save the date cards for our wedding.

    Many of you have probably already seen our post on how we designed them, and then put them together with the help of a few great friends, but if you’ve got time, head over to the Wedding Bureau and check out their write-up for the step-by-step guide.

  • 16.19.11Take A Break

    As I sit here on the screened in porch enjoying the perfect summer weather, warm with a gentle breeze, after a sailboat ride across the lake and back, I realized something I wanted to share with anyone else that may be planning a wedding.

    No matter how much needs to get done, no matter how long the to-do list, no matter how far behind you think you are, take a break. You’ll be glad you did.

  • 34.28.11Awesome, Free Wedding Planning Spreadsheets by Google

    It seems like people have thought of everything these days. Last week, we wrote a post about using Google Docs and Google Calendars to plan our wedding. We have loved the opportunity to share ideas, deadlines, appointments, etc. using those tools and highly encourage everyone to use them. We feel even more strongly about that now that we discovered the newly launched Google Weddings tools!

  • 54.26.11Tips for Saving Money on Bridesmaids Dresses

    As all brides claim to do, I spent a lot of time trying to pick out affordable bridesmaids dresses that my bridesmaids could wear again… I know, I know… there will always be people who think that every bridesmaids dress on the planet is hideous, but I am still a wedding romantic, and I think it can be done! Here are the tips I picked up on the hunt for the perfect, affordable bridesmaids dresses:

  • 24.21.11Wedding Planning From the Groom’s Perspective

    My article about the wedding planning process from the perspective of the groom-to-be was featured on today. We recently wrote a review about Wedding Bliss Lane and they, in turn, asked if we could write a post for their blog. Obviously, we were honored.

  • 14.20.11Cheap bachelorette party ideas

    As it turned out, there wasn’t any one weekend in the four months leading up to my wedding that all of my best friends could get together for a bachelorette party, so we planned two! The first weekend was built around a fun night out in Atlanta, and the second will be a relaxing weekend at the beach. We made sure both trips would be very affordable so everyone could attend one or both without having to worry about money. We also set up both trips so no one would have to take any time off work, which was crucial since all of us recent grads have limited vacation time!

  • 04.17.11Wedding Bliss Lane

    Last week, we discovered a hidden gem in the wedding planning world. We stumbled across a site that is a one-stop-shop for buying (and selling) everything related to weddings. Now, instead of going to one site to look at invitations and another site to find a DJ, and still somewhere else to find the perfect venue, Wedding Bliss Lane has aggregated all of this together into one, easy to use and extremely helpful online marketplace.

  • 14.14.11Using Google to Organize Your Wedding Planning

    We’re now 4 months into our wedding planning and have less than 4 months to go, so we’re over half-way there! Uh-oh! Luckily for us, we are both project managers and are usually pretty good at staying organized and on top of things (not to mention the life-saving help we’ve gotten from our mothers, haha!).

    One tool that we have used very heavily in planning and staying organized for our wedding is Google. No, not the search engine, though that is helpful as well. We have utilized the Google Docs as well as Google Calendar to stay on track and make sure we don’t miss anything as we plan for the big day.

  • 324.10.11Tips From a Photographer for the Perfect Wedding Day Photos

    This week, we asked Bethany Cox, of Bethany and Dan Photography to write a guest post with their top tips for brides (and grooms) on how to make sure they get the best wedding photographs possible. Bethany and Dan will be photographing our wedding and already took some gorgeous engagement photos (see the full album here) for the two of us back in January.