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Posts from the ‘The Apartment’ Category

  • 05.13.11Balcony Garden Update!

    About a month ago, we wrote about planning your container balcony garden and what vegetables and herbs we were choosing to plant, hoping to save a few dollars on groceries over the summer. Well, they are all doing really well so we thought we should share an update.

  • 55.10.11Build a Work Bench (And a Brew Stand)

    One thing that I believe every man should have is a good solid work bench. Whether you keep it in a garage, a shed or a storage closet, it is nice to have a sturdy wood shelf that you can pull out and use to craft all of your DIY projects, whether it be building a porch or painting a vase.

    Since we will be living in an apartment (moving in two weeks!), I wasn’t sure that I would really have room for a good work bench…until I realized that I could get double use out of it if I also used it as a brewing stand to use for brewing my homemade beer!

  • 33.31.11Grow food, save money

    After a long winter of grainy, flavorless produce, spring always has me craving the sweet deliciousness of summer fruits and vegetables… but it always kills me to pay so much for them! I have always wondered how much you would really save growing your own. The experts and American consumers agree that you can, in fact, save enough money for it to be worth the hassle.

  • 43.17.11Growing Hops With Limited Space

    A couple of weeks ago Katy mentioned that we were beginning to think about what we were going to plant for our balcony garden. Well, I got a head start and ordered some hop rhizomes (a rhizome is a piece of the root, since brewing hops are all female, they are never fertilized and so there are never any seeds) from Fresh Hops so that I could grow my own hops for my home brew.

  • 03.3.11Kick Start Your Gardens… Inside, Outside and in Pots!

    It’s just about that time to start planting gardens! I tried to grow several plants in pots on my balcony last year, and we planted a few things in the ground behind Chris’ house. We learned some valuable lessons, and we’re here to share the best ones as people start thinking about gardening this year.

  • 02.17.11Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

    I’ve been trying to come up with neat, cheap ways to add a little spunk to my apartment.  This project was inspired by a combination of CraftyNest’s “frame within a frame” and my birthday trip to Colonial Williamsburg, VA last fall! When we were in Williamsburg, we learned that in colonial times, people used to […]