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  • 510.31.11Guest Post – Plan a perfect wedding with Eco-friendly products: Go Green

    About the author: Kate is a blogger by profession. She loves travelling, cooking and singing. These days she is busy in planning a wedding of her close friend and blogging about her wedding tips. She recently shared an article on hot honeymoon destinations in the world. And here’s her post: All the members of the family are […]

  • 08.3.11We miss you!!

    We feel terrible that we have abandoned our faithful following over the past month, and we miss our blog.  We have been forced into a blog hiatus and thought we owed you all an explanation. You remember that whole bit where we sort of said, “Yay!  Let’s plan a wedding in 8 months, start a […]

  • 44.6.11The best wine for less than $5!

    We’ve had a fierce competition for the #1 spot among the vast number of cheap wines readily available at Trader Joe’s.   First, there was the battle of the best white wines, then the was competition of the best red wines. Zarafa and Green Fin battled it out this week as March Madness came to […]

  • 23.30.11Bracket of the best $5 wines – Part 2

    At the beginning of March Madness, Chris and I began a tournament of cheap wines. We did the white region over the ACC Tournament weekend and last weekend we did the red region while watching the NCAA Tournament. Now that our Tar Heels have been eliminated, here are the winners among the reds.

  • 03.6.11We won a limo ride!

    A big thanks to Southern Bride and Groom (a local wedding magazine) and Sisters’ Garden (where we will be having our reception) for the limo ride we just won!  I tossed our names in a bucket at the Carolina Inn Bridal Show and was notified last week that we’d won the ride sponsored by these […]

  • 12.21.11Our Guest Post on recently asked the two of us if we would put together a list of the top 10 blogs that all young couples should read (other than our own, of course!) for them to feature on their site. Of course, we said yes! We put together a list of the blogs that we follow and […]

  • 02.16.11Follow Us on Twitter

    Simply Beginning now has a twitter account!  If you’re on twitter, follow us @SimplyBeginning.  We’ll post links to our newest blog posts as well as other blogs and news that we think all of you guys will enjoy! You can also share any of our posts on Facebook or Twitter via the links at the […]