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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

2011 February 17
by Katy

I’ve been trying to come up with neat, cheap ways to add a little spunk to my apartment.  This project was inspired by a combination of CraftyNest’s “frame within a frame” and my birthday trip to Colonial Williamsburg, VA last fall!

When we were in Williamsburg, we learned that in colonial times, people used to fill their homes with mirrors to multiply the amount of light given off by each candle.  Candles and wax were relatively expensive, and they didn’t want to waste any.  The mirrors gave them a little more bang for their buck – plus, they’re really pretty.  So, I stole two ideas, mashed them together and created these simple candle displays using craft mirrors, cheap/ re-used frames from the thrift store and scrapbook paper.

Wall Collage

How to make them:

Check out Crafty Nest’s directions on making a frame within a frame. That will give you an excellent start.  All I did in addition to these directions was:

  • Add a craft mirror on top of the inside frame.  You should be able to get these in all craft stores in a variety of sizes and shapes.  I got mine at A. C. Moore.
  • Cut out a triangle of cardboard to glue to the inside of the small frame to hold the candle.  If anyone has any better ideas of what to use for this, I’m all ears.  The cardboard pieces (painted black to match the frames) have held up fine to date, but I’m not convinced they’ll last forever.
  • Sit a tea light on top.

I love them and think they’re really cute.  What I like best is how versatile they are – you can make them in any size, shape, style and color combination because of the variety of frames available.  I’m considering making a large one soon and using fabric instead of paper to get the color.  Some close-up photos of these babies follow!

Let me know what you think, if you have any other ideas and certainly if you try it!

Tea light candle holderTea Light Candle Holder

Tea light candle holder

Hehe... getting my roommate in this was a complete accident, but it looked like a scary movie, so we had to include the picture!

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