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Using Google to Organize Your Wedding Planning

2011 April 14
by Chris & Katy

We’re now 4 months into our wedding planning and have less than 4 months to go, so we’re over half-way there!  Uh-oh!  Luckily for us, we are both project managers and are usually pretty good at staying organized and on top of things (not to mention the life-saving help we’ve gotten from our mothers, haha!).

One tool that we have used very heavily in planning and staying organized for our wedding is Google.  No, not the search engine, though that is helpful as well.  We have utilized the Google Docs as well as Google Calendar to stay on track and make sure we don’t miss anything as we plan for the big day.

Google Docs Wedding Planning

Google Docs

Google Docs is probably the most useful tool ever built for sharing and collaborating on documents, and that goes for wedding planning too.  Katy and I currently have a multi-page document that we use for the following:

1) Spreadhseet for attendee list and addresses.  Google makes it easy to add and move people around, edit addresses, and make sure we don’t forget anyone!

2) A “Big Stuff” spreadsheet with notes on all of the major wedding planning items (venue, music, flowers, photographer, etc.) and due dates for each.

3) Detail pages to keep track of all of the little items for each major topic (Ceremony, reception, etc.)

4) Guest Information page where we keep all of the info for our guests (hotel info, dates and times, etc.)

Google Wedding CalendarGoogle Calendar

Katy and I both keep Google Calendars, and to help keep track of all of our meetings and appointments, we have started creating events on a “wedding calendar” so that it shows up on both of our calendars, ensuring that we should never miss a scheduled appointment.

This has truly been a lifesaver.  In planning meetings with florists, caterers, venues, photographers, etc. it can be a bit overwhelming.  We have literally had meetings almost every weekend that we have been in town, and using a shared calendar has definitely helped us keep on top of everything so far.

While I assume that this information probably comes as common knowledge to most people this day and age, I know that there are some of you out there that are still emailing Word docs back and forth, or even worse, using a pen and paper and scratching through and editing it as you go.  Trust me, Google docs makes this whole process a TON easier, and being able to instantaneously share and collaborate on documents and calendars will not only keep you more organized, but give you more time to have fun and enjoy the entire wedding planning process.

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