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Group Effort – Save the Dates

2011 February 20
by Chris & Katy

Save the dates

This weekend, we pulled a trick on our friends – sorry!  It was beautiful weather so we invited everyone to come up to the Millberg’s lake house to hang out.  Little did they know that we were also going to put them to work.

While we did spend most of the time out on the boat and by the water, enjoying a rare spell of warm weather in February, we also had to assemble our save the date cards that we designed a week or so ago.

Fortunately, our friends are really good sports and enjoyed helping us cut, paste, tie, stuff and label our way through our home-made save the date cards.

Katy and I went over to FedEx/Kinkos earlier this week and had the cards printed and cut.  We also had the black background paper cut to size there as well.  Unfortunately, even the professionals at Kinkos struggle with cutting on the lines sometimes.  Luckily for us, Emily volunteered to go over and fix the cuts on ALL 135 cards so that they would look perfect.

We also had lots of help tying 135 little knots of twine, that would then be carefully glued to each card.  Once the knots were cut, we formed an assembly line of glue application and envelope labeling and stuffing.  By Sunday evening, we had all of our save the date cards put together and placed in labeled envelopes, ready to mail first thing tomorrow morning!

A big thank you to all of the friends and family that took a couple hours out of their weekend at the lake to help us put it all together.  We really couldn’t have done it without you!

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