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Sam Adams Longshot Competition

2011 May 23
by Chris

If you head over to your local grocery store, you’ll see something pretty neat in the beer aisle.  Same Adams is selling a 6-pack of beer that they have never sold before.  That’s because they didn’t come up with the recipes either.  It is a 6-pack containing two bottles from each of the three winners of the Annual Longshot Home Brew Competition.

A friend of mine brought some over for us to try last week.  I thought it was pretty awesome how 3 regular Joe’s had their beer mass produced by such a big brewery.  Their beer wasn’t too shabby either.  Most of them were a little to unique to ever be produced by the brewery, as they tend to stick to more established styles (however, I do like their new IPA, Latitude 48).  But it was nice to see them giving back to the home brewing community because that is how they, like a lot of other craft breweries, got their start.

Samuel Adams Longshot 6-packIn looking up the details of the competition, I saw that it was free to enter (well, except for postage) and you not only could get your beer mass produced, but there is a $5,000 prize for the winners.  And even if you don’t win, your beer is judged by professional beer judges (sounds like a pretty sweet job to me!), who send you a full grading report to let you know how your beer stacked up.

I then saw that the deadline for the 2011 competition was fast-approaching, and I had recently had several people tell me that I should try my luck at a competition sometime, if for nothing else, to see what the judges think.  So I ran out to the UPS store (FedEx in Chapel Hill won’t ship alcohol) and put some samples in the mail.

While I don’t expect to win, because wheat beers typically have a short shelf life (and the bottles I sent were already a few weeks old) and the beer doesn’t use any really unique or crazy ingredients or processes, it will still be really great to see what the judges think of the beer that we will be giving away at our wedding.

Unfortunately, we won’t have the results until September (after the wedding), but we are looking forward to it nonetheless, and I will be sure to post an update and let you all know what the judges thought!

longshot competition

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