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The proposal

2011 May 1
by Chris & Katy

There seems to be a lot of demand for a proposal post, so Chris and I have finally decided to put it up.  The only problem is that we both tell it a little differently, as I’m sure you can imagine if you know us.  So, we thought it would be fun for both of us to write the story from our own perspectives and include them both here for your reading pleasure – enjoy!

newly engaged

Katy’s side of the story

Chris asked me to marry him on December 19.  It was my Christmas present, and it was a complete surprise.

Did I know it was coming? Nope – not at all.

Did I pick out the ring? Nope – that was all Chris with a little moral support and decision confirmation from my awesome sister.

Didn’t I even LOOK at rings at all?  No siree, I did not… well… Chris didn’t know that I’d seen any, and I hadn’t found anything I thought I wanted , so it doesn’t really count ;)  (How is a girl supposed to help herself with all those super-targeted Facebook ads flashing pretty diamonds at every girl who has been “in a relationship” for more than 2 years?!)

My family was going to be in Florida for a week over Christmas, so Chris and I decided to have our own celebration the Sunday night before.  We went out for an amazing dinner at Acme right in the heart of downtown Carrboro.  I had a great soup and salad with my new favorite drink – a Rosemary Street: fancy gin and tonic with a rosemary simple syrup – delicious.  We’d taken our gifts to the restaurant, and I kept asking if we should exchange them.  Our table was really close to the people next to us, and he kept kind of pushing it off, saying we should wait a little longer for them to leave.  It came to the end of dinner, and the restaurant was clearing out.  He said we should go on outside and do gifts while we walked through town to where our car was parked.  It was a beautiful, though chilly night, and I thought that was really sweet and thoughtful, so that’s what we did.

I gave him what I thought at the time was a pretty good present – though it was soon to be shown up big time.  Ha – I gave him tickets to a show at Charlie Goodnights comedy club in Raleigh and to the Brews Cruise in Asheville.

Then, as we walked under the stars and through the Christmas lights in one of our favorite towns, Chris handed me a small, square jewelry box.  You would think this would have been the moment I realized what was about to happen.  Well, I’d asked for non-engagement jewelry for Christmas, so I wasn’t surprised to see the small box and failed to appreciate what was inside.  Excited, I opened the box.  It took me a few seconds to adjust my eyes in the dark and realize what I was looking at.  When I looked up a little bewildered, Chris was down on one knee…

I kind of gasped and took a few steps back.  I started to cry.  (Thanks for that tendency to cry over everything, Mom.)

He asked, “Katy, will you marry me?” grinning from ear to ear, and only his eyes had gave away a little bit of nerves.  He got up, and I said, “Yes!”

engaged toast

Yay!  Chris, being the clever guy he is, had already made homemade eggnog, gotten me to make Christmas cookies and invited all of our closest friends in the area to come over to celebrate with us.  A handful of great friends came over, and we even had surprise appearances from a great friend of mine who lives in Atlanta and one of Chris’ best friends who lives in Boone.  They were both in town that weekend and stayed in town really late just to be a part of the occasion.  A few people brought champagne, and we all had a great night to remember.

It was perfect – I couldn’t have dreamed it up any better.  I am so happy and so excited to start this new phase of our lives.

One huge bonus of having our friends over the night we got engaged is that the occasion was well photographed!  The pictures in this post are all courtesy of our friend, Logan.

engagement party friends

Chris’ side of the story

I enjoy hearing Katy tell the story of my proposal much more than I enjoy telling it myself.  However, she says that “our readers” will enjoy hearing me tell the story also, so I’ll tell it from the beginning

Every 6 months, Diamonds Direct has a big semi-anual sale at their Crabtree location.  The sale last winter just happened to line up with when I had finally decided to ask Katy to marry me.  I had already told my parents, and even went over and spoke with her parents about it.  Then, one weekend, Katy’s sister and I went to the store to go shopping.

One of the designers at the sale was Henri Daussi.  In fact, Heri Daussi’s grandson was there representing the brand.  I had a good conversation with him and he introduced me to the ring that was soon going to be mine (or well, Katy’s).  I had Becca try it on and she loved it, so I knew that it was the perfect ring for Katy.

henri daussi engagement ring

The hardest part was keeping it a secret and not showing it off to everyone before I gave it to Katy.  I did a pretty good job of not telling everyone but I did have to show it to a few of my closest friends ahead of time.

Deciding where and how to propose is a very challenging task.  I had NO idea what I was going to do, so I did what I do a lot – just wing it.  I made a reservation at a restaurant that I had never been to, but hoped it would be good.  Luckily, dinner at Acme in Carrboro was delicious.  I was sweating the whole time though, and my pants pocket was getting heavy.

I had hoped to get there and have the perfect opportunity to propose laid in my lap.  However, that was not the case.  The restaurant was crowded and a little noisy and the tables were all right next to each other.  Not really an ideal situation to propose (at least not for me!).

Luckily, it was a nice night out (not too cold for December) and we had a couple of blocks to walk to get to the car.  I decided at that moment that this was the perfect opportunity.  I also realized that it was my last chance (unless I wanted to propose in the car) because I had already invited a handful of friends to meet us back at my house.

So I gave her the Christmas present, she opened it up and after a brief second of confusion, she began to back up and uttered “Is this real?  Is this happening?”

“Is this real?” was not really the answer I was hoping to get when I asked if she would marry me.  Luckily, she did, a few seconds later, mutter a “yes” as she began to cry.

After a few minutes, we finished our walk to the car and as we headed home, I gave Logan a call and told him to bring the champagne.  He said to let him know what she said so he would know whether to bring the champagne or the whisky.

We got home, and within a matter of minutes, were surrounded by some of our best friends, enjoying the moment with some homemade egg nog and Christmas cookies.  It was definitely a night to remember and after all of the nervousness, it turned out pretty well.

engagement champagne toast

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  1. Taylor permalink
    May 7, 2011

    eee, this makes me tear up when I read it =)

    • May 9, 2011

      Haha – I LOVED getting to read Chris’ version. It made me tear up, too :)

    • Lindsay permalink
      August 13, 2011

      Aww! Me too!

  2. Heather Bruce permalink
    May 14, 2011

    Love it! So happy for you two! Thanks for sharing this story, and from both perspectives :-)

  3. Lindsey permalink
    March 30, 2012

    I love, love, love your ring. Can I ask what type of stone it is? It doesn’t look like a traditional diamond? (Or it could be a trick of the light)

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