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Sam Adams Longshot Competition

2011 May 23
by Chris

If you head over to your local grocery store, you’ll see something pretty neat in the beer aisle.  Same Adams is selling a 6-pack of beer that they have never sold before.  That’s because they didn’t come up with the recipes either.  It is a 6-pack containing two bottles from each of the three winners of the Annual Longshot Home Brew Competition.

A friend of mine brought some over for us to try last week.  I thought it was pretty awesome how 3 regular Joe’s had their beer mass produced by such a big brewery.  Their beer wasn’t too shabby either.  Most of them were a little to unique to ever be produced by the brewery, as they tend to stick to more established styles (however, I do like their new IPA, Latitude 48).  But it was nice to see them giving back to the home brewing community because that is how they, like a lot of other craft breweries, got their start.

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Balcony Garden Update!

2011 May 13
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by Katy

About a month ago, we wrote about planning our container balcony garden and what vegetables and herbs we were going to plant, hoping to save a few dollars on groceries over the summer.  We are SO proud of how well they’re doing that we just couldn’t wait any longer to share some photos of them!

This first series of photos shows our delicious food pots.  We planted some spinach seeds that are all sprouting, and we’ve got a couple of bell pepper plants and a jalapeño plant that have taken off.  In fact, we are just starting to see the first baby peppers forming, but took these just two days before they showed up… more pictures soon.


Baby spinach starting to grow!

Bell peppers and jalapeños

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Build a Work Bench (And a Brew Stand)

2011 May 10
by Chris
3-tier brew stand

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World’s Best Margarita Recipe – just in time for Cinco de Mayo!

2011 May 5
by Katy

Most mamas in the South pass along family recipes for things like fried chicken and collard greens.  Those of you who have ever eaten in my kitchen know that my mom has certainly passed down a lot of tasty food recipes, but what she’s really most famous for are her margaritas!  As a family who knows how to enjoy the finer points in life, we have come to strong-felt conclusions about which ‘rita recipes are the best.  In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we have decided to bless those of you in the blogosphere with our secrets.

I highly encourage you all to whip up a batch today for Cinco de Mayo! read more…

The proposal

2011 May 1
by Chris & Katy

There seems to be a lot of demand for a proposal post, so Chris and I have finally decided to put it up.  The only problem is that we both tell it a little differently, as I’m sure you can imagine if you know us.  So, we thought it would be fun for both of us to write the story from our own perspectives and include them both here for your reading pleasure – enjoy!

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Awesome, Free Wedding Planning Spreadsheets by Google

2011 April 28

It seems like people have thought of everything these days.  Last week, we wrote a post about using Google Docs and Google Calendars to plan our wedding.  We have loved the opportunity to share ideas, deadlines, appointments, etc. using those tools and highly encourage everyone to use them.  We feel even more strongly about that now that we discovered the newly launched Google Weddings tools!

Google launched a set of free tools for brides and grooms in February, and it’s a darn shame it didn’t come out about a month sooner so we could take full advantage of it.  They have ready-made wedding websites (like ours at the knot), a couple photography tools through Picasa and Picnik and an AWESOME set of Google Doc wedding planning templates.  Really, these templates are something to get excited about!

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Tips for Saving Money on Bridesmaids Dresses

2011 April 26

As all brides claim to do, I spent a lot of time trying to pick out affordable bridesmaids dresses that my bridesmaids could wear again… I know, I know… there will always be people who think that every bridesmaids dress on the planet is hideous, but I am still a wedding romantic, and I think it can be done!  Here are the tips I picked up on the hunt for the perfect, affordable bridesmaids dresses:

Bill Levkoff bridesmaids dress style 528

The Bill Levkoff bridesmaid dress I chose, style 528

Wedding Planning From the Groom’s Perspective

2011 April 21
by Chris

My article about the wedding planning process from the perspective of the groom-to-be was featured on today.  We recently wrote a review about Wedding Bliss Lane and they, in turn, asked if we could write a post for their blog.  Obviously, we were honored.

So go check it out, especially all of you guys out there that are engaged or thinking about popping the question soon.  I’m no expert, but I can at least share my experiences with you and hopefully you will pick up a thing or two and be a little better prepared than I was!

The full post can be found at

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Cheap bachelorette party ideas

2011 April 20

As it turned out, there wasn’t any one weekend in the four months leading up to my wedding that all of my best friends could get together for a bachelorette party, so we planned two!  The first weekend was built around a fun night out in Atlanta, and the second will be a relaxing weekend at the beach.  We made sure both trips would be very affordable so everyone could attend one or both without having to worry about money.  We also set up both trips so no one would have to take any time off work, which was crucial since all of us recent grads have limited vacation time! read more…

Wedding Bliss Lane

2011 April 17
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by Chris & Katy

Last week, we discovered a hidden gem in the wedding planning world.  We stumbled across a site that is a one-stop-shop for buying (and selling) everything related to weddings.  Now, instead of going to one site to look at invitations and another site to find a DJ, and still somewhere else to find the perfect venue, Wedding Bliss Lane has aggregated all of this together into one, easy to use and extremely helpful online marketplace.Wedding Bliss Lane Homepage

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