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The best wine for less than $5!

2011 April 6
by Katy

We’ve had a fierce competition for the #1 spot among the vast number of cheap wines readily available at Trader Joe’s.   First, there was the battle of the best white wines, then the was competition of the best red wines.

Zarafa and Green Fin battled it out this week as March Madness came to an end.  And the winner is…………….

Green Fin!

Green Fin White WineGreen Fin White Wine for less than $5

Green Fin is a white table wine – fruity with lots of pear flavor and citrus undertones. It’s nice and clean, and it doesn’t have that gross syrupy feel that many sweet wines have.

It is a long-time favorite among my college girlfriends.

“This tastes just like juice.  Is there alcohol in it?” and, “this could be dangerous,” were the two most notable quotes by the judges.

So, Green Fin was the favorite among our judges… have any recommendations for wines we should try?  Leave them in the comments!

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