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We miss you!!

2011 August 3
by Chris & Katy

We feel terrible that we have abandoned our faithful following over the past month, and we miss our blog.  We have been forced into a blog hiatus and thought we owed you all an explanation.

You remember that whole bit where we sort of said, “Yay!  Let’s plan a wedding in 8 months, start a blog, get thousands of people to read it, move, have 3 showers, bachelor and bacheorette parties on top of all the other wedding things we don’t even know exist yet and have fun doing it!”  Well… we sort of did it all.  (We are proud.)  And, we also think we’re going to come out of it pretty much unscathed.  The only sad part is that we could only get it all done by skipping out on the blog for the last little stint here.

We are sorry.  We miss you.  Don’t fret – we have been making a bad ass list of blog posts that will commence as soon as we get back from sunny Costa Rica!

Countdown to wedding: 9 days.  Holy Crap.

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